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vanessa hudgens talked about nelena

so vanessa hudgens dishes to m-magazine about what she thinks of nelena

When they asked her about Nick and Selena, she sounded totally happy for them…and didn’t know anything about reports of them splitting!  Here’s what she said:

“Nick and Selena? It’s just another relationship. I’m glad people are finding people here! And are happy together!” Vanessa dished to M.

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disney love triangles

this is from E news……….. it talk about selena’s new wax figure and she was asked about nick jonas and more!!!!!

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tnx gossipfasho for the video!!!!!!

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nelena gifts, nelena golf date, and nelena date

i’m sorry, i haven’t been updating so i put 3 news on 1 post…….. the nelena gifts and the golf date was old so you probably already heard about it but the nelena date, which is the picture was just recent……….. cute right?

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nelena date

nelena on philippe

they are so sweet and look cute!!!!!

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selena and nick we are the world

selena and nick on way to record ‘we are the world’ with alot of other artists

video above skip to 22:00 and picture above

sorry haven’t been updating but there’s alot of nelena news so visit!!!!!!

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Selena talk about nelena and more on ryan secrest


selena was ask about nick but she tried to avoid it and din’t answer it and she also talked about taylos and taylor and more!!!!!!! watch here

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Nelena bench pictures

i know is from a while ago but just wanted to post it…………. what book do u think their reading?

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